Motion Magic classes come to your school, studio, festival or event, or childcare facility. We service pre-school through high school ages. We offer a variety of classes to meet your needs.  With our fun equipment and props we lead the children in a movement adventure, exploring their minds and bodies in new ways. Classes often culminate with a show!

kai tunnel Motion Magic Tumbling

This class teaches fundamental gross motor skills through  gymnastics, dance, yoga and creative dramatic play. Classes start with a yoga warm-up, followed by anything from gymnastics circuits, to dance-relays, and prop manipulation. Students will learn basic tumbling skills, gain strength, and improve flexibility while exploring the 8-locomotor movements. New props like hula hoops, gymnastics ribbons, springboards and parachutes will be introduced throughout the course, while our skilled instructors weave stories, daily-themes, and music into class, encouraging children’s vast imaginations and creative expression to flourish.
Circus Experience
This offering is perfect for your event, fair or festival.  We will create the perfect environment for children and families to explore movement together. Imagine colorful scarves in the air, poi spinning, focused children balancing on our balance pipe, and energetic children flying through the hoop and rolling down the wedge.Our high quality instructors will be diligently supervising, demonstrating, giving and tips and playing!







With Yoga as our foundation we explore props, stories and group activities. Yoga approaches physical challenges through self- reflection instead of competition. It teaches focus and relaxation techniques.  Children will be able to use the skills they learn in this class to handle challenging and stressful situations in  their daily lives with grace.
Circus Arts

Have you ever dreamed of running away with the circus? Well here’s your chance! Motion Magic’s Circus Arts course combines acrobatics, prop manipulation, and physical theater to create an environment that lets children shine. Learn balance through object manipulation and rola-bola. Build strength with fun partner-acrobatics and tumbling. Explore your inner-comedian with dynamic improv games and “clown-philosophy”. Circus Arts provide the opportunity for students to take appropriate risks and overcome fears, while building self-confidence, communication skills, and a dedication to working to be their personal best.  Self-expression and laughter will lead the way as we tumble, juggle, balance, hoop, hop, and dive into the wacky world of circus arts.
Come on over and dance it out! This class is centered on hip-hop movement styles with an emphasis on breakdancing and tumbling. Rock out to fun tunes while expressing yourself through dynamic movement and choreography. By exploring tumbling through both a dance and gymnastics lens children are encouraged to be creative, challenge themselves, and find their strengths.