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Family Circus Yoga
These workshops invite the whole family to play and explore together.  Circus Yoga blends the consciousness of  yoga and the community of circus. Through group games, co-creation and partnering we will learn the subtleties of communication and the depth of play.   The class includes circle asanas, family pyramids, partner yoga, circus skills and much more.
Teacher Workshops
Children are often wriggling in their seat with energy or playing too rambunctiously inside.    This workshop will give teachers new creative ideas on how to integrate movement exercises into their curriculum to channel this energy in a positive way.  We will explore yoga, non-competitive games, partnering, props, creative movement, and how to create circuits with the equipment you have available.  This workshop comes with a hand-out that includes yoga stories, games and more.

AcroYoga Mtl

In this workshop we will introduce Acro Yoga, a practice that combines Yoga with partner acrobatics.  The classes will include partner yoga flows, core body stabilization, and the essential 3- basing, spotting and flying.  We will be learning both passive/therapeutic  flying as well as active and dynamic poses.  As bases we will learn confidence.  As flyers, we learn trust.  As spotters, we learn awareness and sensitivity. With courage and trust and by following our breath we find deep relaxation, fluid control, and joy. Morgan holds a teaching certificate through Acro Yoga Montreal.

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