Birthday Party Quotes

 Thank you SO MUCH for coming out to do Katie’s birthday party. The kids

had a GREAT time.I will recommend your parties to all of the moms I know!

~Jessica Johnson


Thank you Morgan! The kids had a great time. We really enjoyed it too!!

~Kelli Johnston


Morgan was awesome- definitely a highlight of our party! Not only was her performance a huge hit, but she was very easy and accomodating to work with. I would definitely recommend her!

~Sarah M


Morgan provided a show that was exactly what I asked of her for my 8 year old’s birthday party. I requested face painting and only one performer so she brought 3 wonderful activities to keep the children busy while she painted the faces of all 10 children present. Morgan kept the children’s attention with her hand walking, juggling, glow light spinning and plate spinning. I really liked how often she included the children in her act, very fun! Three days later my daughter wanted it to be her birthday again and of course I assumed it was to have all her friends over, eat cake and receive gifts but she said no. She wanted Morgan the entertainer again!

~Michelle W


Class & Camp Quotes

Motion Magic is our favorite! We love Morgan! You can clearly see her dedication and commitment to fostering creativity and expression in children. Thanks so much!

~Xoxo Evelyn and her momma


Nadia really loved it! She has done several shows with her buddies, that reflect her fun experience and learned talents, for us and the neighbors. Another great way to add feathers in her cap, increase self-confidence, be in control of her physical surroundings.

~Lisa Allen (parent)


I really appreciated that Morgan worked with our kids as individuals and supported their strengths and enthusiasm. The performance portion at the end of camp was a real highlight, I wish I had invited more of our friends and family.

~Travis Southworth-Neumeyer (parent)


Morgan brought delight to her students, with her combination of enthusiasm, imagination, and a unique mix of creative dramatic play and movement. She had the children captivated and excited about where she led them, whether it was a game, or self-expression. With Yoga poses, jumping, bending, circus performing, dancing, being wild animals, or balancing peacock feathers; Morgan captured the children’s hearts, minds, and bodies!

~Jory Aronson (teacher)


I loved doing the show. Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grammie loved the show too.

~Nadia (age 5)